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Chukar Media Kit [PDF]

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Pam Montgomery
Chukar Cherries
PO Box 510
Prosser, WA 99350

Phone:   (800) 624-9544
Fax:       (509) 786-2591

Chukar Cherries sponsors Mt. Everest Peace Climb

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Awards & Honors

  • Pure Fruit Jam

    Awarded Five Stars

    Rosengarten Report [pdf]

  • Outstanding Product Line

    Outstanding Condiment

    NASFT, National Association of Specialty Trade

  • Small Business of the Year

    Washington State Small Business Administration

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Add a Gift Box

Includes a graphic Chukar box and red satin bow; sizes vary depending on what is ordered.

Note: Gift baskets and towers cannot be gift boxed — both of these product types are already handsomely packaged.