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In 1988
Chukar Cherries was launched on the family farm with one goal—to be your go-to source for extraordinary Pacific Northwest foods & gifts crafted from locally grown cherries and berries. Made fresh, shipped fresh from Prosser, Washington. The Best of Nature, Best of Chocolate®.

Family Owned Extraordinary Gifts from the Pacific Northwest

Our Roots

Made Fresh

“Pam pioneered dehydrating Northwest cherries without additives in the 1980’s.”

JT Montgomery, Chukar CFO

On daily walks around her family’s orchard after cherry harvest, Pam Montgomery discovered ripe Bing cherries drying naturally on the branches. Although studies at UC Davis had concluded that drying cherries without added sugar or preservatives was not plausible, Pam believed the natural sugars in tree-ripened cherries were enough. She was right—and the seed for Chukar Cherries was planted.

In 1988 Pam moved her budding enterprise into a manufacturing facility in Prosser—the center of Washington’s wine and cherry growing region—where she began offering dried Northwest cherries in snack-size boxes.

“Considering the processed food world of today, plain dried cherries are a unique product!”

JB, Alabama
Pam and JT

Chukar’s dried Bing and Rainier cherries still contain just one simple ingredient: cherries.

“Our goal is that everything that leaves our factory was made fresh within the past two weeks.”

Kathleen Young, Production Manager

Several years after launching Chukar, Pam was inspired by a display of chocolate-covered fruit at the famed Harrods of London. Returning to the Northwest, she arranged a meeting with Gary Guittard—a 5th generation chocolatier who was automating his operation. Guittard sold Pam 14 old-world copper panning kettles—propelling Chukar in a new direction.

“The finest chocolate and nothing but a rich, chewy dried cherry in the center!”

Fran, Providence RI

An instant favorite, Chukar’s chocolate line has grown to encompass a giftable array of naturally dried, chocolate-covered cherries, berries, and nuts.



Chukar Cherries Timeline

Chukar opens in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Open daily in the center of the main arcade Chukar in Pike is a destination for local and international visitors alike.


Chukar Cherries Timeline

JT Montgomery joins Chukar as CFO. JT’s operational oversight guides the company and committed team leaders. Pam and JT are married in 2005 and dubbed “Ma and Pa Chukar.”


Chukar Cherries Timeline

Today we still make nearly everything we sell from local fruit—grown and small-batch crafted in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. We take pride in bringing you the Best of Nature, Best of Chocolate® and thank you—the Best of Customers—for supporting agriculture and small business in our great Northwest

What is a Chukar?

Related to a Rock Partridge, the Chukar is an aerial speedster. Originally from Asia, it thrives in the arid climate of the Intermountain West.


Food Processor of the Year, Silver

Washington Manufacturing Awards

Small Business of the Year

Washington State Small Business Administration

Outstanding Product Line

Specialty Food Association

Outstanding Condiment

Specialty Food Association

Featured on NPR’s Americandy Series

National Public Radio

Featured Profile

Retail Merchandiser Magazine


“My friends and family rave over the quality and beauty of Chukar's treats.”

Sheryl – Missoula, MT

“These cherries are really unbelievable. I typically do not eat chocolate covered cherries but I make an exception for these…Chukar has taken something ordinary and found a way to make it extraordinary.“

Jodi – Atlanta, GA

“Never tasted anything like them before. They are not the old chocolate covered cherries of days gone by.”

Sally – Ephrata, WA