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Honey Pecans

Product #23507 (7.5 oz)

Honey-roasted praline pecans doused in premium milk chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar.

  • The chocolate that launched a thousand obsessions—Honey Pecans are always a best seller at our factory headquarters in Prosser, WA.

  • Our pecans are sourced domestically and roasted with honey to achieve a praline finish.

  • Also available in a big jar

  • Ships for flat rate




Honey-roasted praline pecans doused in premium milk chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar.
  • The chocolate that launched a thousand obsessions—Honey Pecans are always a best seller at our factory headquarters in Prosser, WA.
  • Our pecans are sourced domestically and roasted with honey to achieve a praline finish.
  • Also available in a big jar
  • Ships for flat rate

Additional Information

Front End Weight No
Badge | Gluten Free No
Badge | No Sugar Added No
Badge | USDA Organic No
Badge | Customer Favorite Yes
Nutrition | Kosher KOF-K (Dairy)
  1. Excellent! review by Bonnie (Frankston, TX) on 1/14/2019

    Last time I was at Pike Place Market I picked up a bag for me and each of my 3 girlfriends that were with me! That was over 2 years ago and remembering how wonderful they tasted I knew I had to buy some more!I am trying to limit myself and not eat them all at once......addictive yumminess of chocolate and crunchy praline coating covering the pecans are the best! Thank you!

  2. Awesome review by Mathew (Albuquerque, NM) on 12/30/2018

    These were great, love the chocolate, and the pecans!

  3. One of the best treats I’ve ever eaten review by Patti (Killeen, TX) on 11/27/2018

    Gave my son one to taste, had to take the bag back away from him, to save some for his Christmas stocking

  4. Absolutely Amazing! review by Marcus (Alexandria, VA) on 1/22/2018

    I tried this product for the first time, and before I knew it the bag was empty. Pure pecan perfection!

  5. Yummy! review by Mare Vales (Enumclaw, WA) on 12/25/2017

    Always a crowd pleaser! Everyone in my family LOVES these, and can't get enough. So delicious...

  6. DELICIOUSLY ADDICTING review by Pam (Joliet, IL) on 12/18/2017

    I bought these at Pike St Market while visiting my grandson and have been craving them ever since.

  7. Awesome review by Nicole (Tyler, TX) on 12/14/2017

    My sister sent me two bags of these, they are outrageously delicious. :)

  8. Love at First Taste! review by Stephani (Atlanta, GA) on 11/15/2017

    Tried these at the Pike Place Market and fell in love!! These were sooo delicious, the dark chocolate covered cherries were good also but this!!! Most amazing taste ever!! And P.S. the Pike Place Market Chukar associates were super helpful and super nice!!

  9. Heaven! review by Susan (Toms River, NJ) on 10/6/2017

    These are the best! Delicious chocolate surrounding a crunchy pecan. Addicting!

  10. Dreamy Creamy Chocolate and Perfect Pecan Crunch review by Tiffany (Monrovia, CA) on 7/31/2017

    Purchased a bag while visiting and before I knew it I ate them all. Couldn't help myself. Perfect balance of creamy and crunch. Store staff so welcoming too. Very happy customer here and hooked on your product.

  11. Taste is very smooth and premium milk chocolate. I've been craving these since my return home two weeks ago. review by Kelly (Mamsfield, TX) on 6/28/2017

    Well packaged. Fresh. Rich and smooth taste. Quality chocolate and nuts. Left me wanting more.

  12. Too delicious to share. review by Kaycee (Sacramento, CA) on 6/7/2017

    They're so incredibly amazing I'm ashamed to say I've hidden them from my family...

  13. TOOOOOO GOOD!! review by Maggie (Huntington Beach , CA) on 1/31/2017

    I got these as a gift from my cousin. She warned me that these are quite good and addicting. But I didn't believe her. Once I gother home, I opened the bag and my sisters ended up eating them. They were commenting on how good these were. So I finally tried one and all I can say is..... THESE ARE TOOOOOO GOOD! Too good that I couldn't wait for her to ship me more so I bought them myself. I ordered other goodies too. Hopefully they're as great.

  14. Seriously the best!!!! review by Amberly (Huntsville, AL) on 1/29/2017

    I tried these on a tour while in Seattle. This is one of the only things I purchased in the entire market, and here I am months later ordering more because they are THAT good!!

  15. Truly truly truly a taste of heaven review by Betty (Walworth , WI) on 1/7/2017

    Once upon a time during a full moonlight night I was alone with HONEY PEACANS. A full bag, unopened was on the table. In the soft moonlight, snow was falling in big downy flakes through the pines and oaks out the window. Zip, the bag was opened and one by one by one by just one more......they were gone. Truly a taste from heaven. God bless you all.

  16. Do get these. review by Laura (Houston, TX) on 11/27/2016

    Do get these. Don't not get these. You won't regret it! Chocolate, honey, pecans. What more do you need to know? As soon as you place one on your tongue, your mouth waters. They are delicious!

  17. Yum Yum. review by Melony (Madison, WI) on 5/15/2016

    Okay. I love these. You need to buy them.

  18. Wasn't too sure at first review by Tracey (Yakima, WA) on 4/28/2016

    I am not a chocolate fan but I decided to try these because I do love praline pecans. I have to stop myself from reaching into the bag because they are so good. Not too sweet even with the powdered sugar. A bit spendy but as a special treat...definitely worth it. Try these. You won't be disappointed.

  19. Addicting! review by Your Name (Your City, AL) on 5/19/2015

    These things are s addicting you can't just eat one!

  20. Love Them Madly! review by Kerry Burg (Seattle, WA) on 3/23/2015

    Everyone in our office simply loves Chukar Chocolate Honey Pecans! They make the perfect gift for clients too, spreading the love of Chukar handcrafted goodies all across the country. Always amazing!

  21. Excellent review by Chester R. Goodwin (Little Rock, AR) on 3/8/2015

    My daughter had some earlier and I really liked them so ordered some as gifts.

  22. Wonderful! review by Your Name (Your City, CA) on 3/5/2015


  23. These things are addictive! review by Cheryl (Bethesda, MD) on 2/26/2015

    Got these based on other reviews, and WOW, so glad we did! This is our second order in two months, and we want MORE.

  24. Delicious!! review by Bonnie Jewett (Salt Lake City, UT) on 2/3/2015

    I thought the Honey Pecans were very good and am thinking of ordering more. Thanks for creating them.

  25. Addictive review by Ginger (Seattle, WA) on 1/31/2015

    Tried a sample of these at Pike Place Market this morning and pretty much fell in love instantly. They are large in size so one or two will do you, but you will want more because they are so incredible. I'm not a big chocolate fan, but the amount of chocolate coating these was in perfect balance to the crispy, honey crunch pecan and the light dusting of powdered sugar makes them feel fancy. I'm normally quite frugal, but these were totally worth the splurge both in the wallet and waistline.

  26. Hmmmmmmm! review by Ric (Sarasota, FL) on 1/8/2015

    Best item in the catalogue! Try not to eat them all at once!

  27. AMAZING review by Jenn (Palm Springs, CA) on 1/2/2015

    These things are SOOOO amazing and delicious! My brother and I sampled these at Pike's Place and they were so good we got a bunch of these. We also got some dried cherries, but I wish I hadn't wasted my money on those and got more of these instead. They are SO delicious and would totally repurchase!

  28. Delicious!! review by Cheryl57 (Bethesda, MD) on 1/2/2015

    Thought we'd give these a try, and we have a new addiction! SO yummy!!

  29. I don't even like nuts, but these are fantastic! review by Chani Boyce (Provo, UT) on 12/27/2014

    I'm not a nut person, but the caramelized honey goodness that provides the perfect crunch factor with the sweetest chocolate makes these a must-have for EVERYONE!

  30. You need these. Seriously. review by Megan (Philadelphia, PA) on 12/19/2014

    Do your taste buds a favor and buy these. You won't be disappointed.

  31. The best pecan treat ever! review by Jill Warner (Your City, AL) on 12/14/2014

    Our family is addicted to these delicious, heavenly treats. This year we decided to give them for Christmas gifts. A big hit!

  32. Irresistable!!! review by Mary Eileen Vales (Enumclaw, WA) on 12/8/2014

    I have been buying these for my family members and myself for the last 8 years and we just can't get enough! They're SO GOOD that all of my siblings want me to be their 'Secret Santa' because they know they'll get a bag of these and more goodies from Chukar Cherries!!

  33. Un-flippin-believably WONDERFUL! review by KS (Your City, AL) on 12/1/2014

    The light dusting of powdered sugar greets your taste buds first - - just enough as the chocolate begins to melt in your mouth. - then you bite - - a tiny hint of honey taste that blends wonderfully with a crunchy, perfect pecan. What a combo of delight! I couldn't stop eating the darn things....addicting!!!

  34. Amazing, as Usual! review by Brooke (Newburyport, MA) on 11/23/2014

    LOVE these! They are my absolute favorite and I'm not even a huge fan of pecans. They are literally like crack!

  35. Love, Love, LOVE! review by Veronica (Irvine, CA) on 11/18/2014

    The honey pecans are delicately crispy and delightfully sweet!

  36. just perfect review by lee (miami, FL) on 11/13/2014

    sweet, crunch, caramel, chocolate, perfect size, a little piece of heaven in one little bite!

  37. crack nuts review by Stephanie T (Seattle, WA) on 9/9/2014

    My husband and I tried these at the Leavenworth store and couldn't get enough - so much so, we call them crack nuts. We bought a bunch for family members and friends who also love them!

  38. surprised surprised review by nick (chicago, IL) on 9/6/2014

    After friends from Seattle brought these to us, my first taste was one of wow!! They did not look like the fantastic taste they deliver

  39. Wow review by Kathy Davisson (Tahoe City, CA) on 5/14/2014

    Bought these for my mother in law for a holiday last year and she (and I) love them so much it is my gift to her all year long.

  40. OMG! Aaaamazing! review by Makai (Washington, DC) on 2/19/2014

    Love these! They're not your ordinary chocolate covered pecans (although if made by Chukar, a plain pecan drenched in milk chocolate would be great!) I love the honey roast, the thin crisp crunch of the praline, and the milk chocolate is truly artisan. Yeah, I love these and will continue to buy!

  41. Heavenly Treat review by Darla (Roy, WA) on 12/20/2013

    While living in Fort Wainwright, AK I could go to the local sporting goods store and buy these whenever I wanted them. Sadly, here near Tacoma, WA I can't find them anywhere! Now I order them directly from Chukar, and we visit the Chukar store in Prosser, WA when we are in the area!

  42. Very tasty! review by Rose Wu (Boston, MA) on 12/17/2013

    Encountered these in Seattle's Pike Place Market and loved them! The milk chocolate coating and powdered sugar over these pecans make a delicious treat. Had to order more for the family.

  43. The Best! review by KC (Your City, AL) on 12/1/2013

    I tried these for the first time in September 2013 as I was browsing in the Chukar store in Leavenworth, WA. I thought these were so good I just ordered a few bags to ship to friends and relatives for Christmas. I sent apologies and notes for those people to pace themselves because these are so good it's hard to stop eating them.I later discovered chocolate-covered pecans dusted with powdered sugar in a bulk bin at my supermarket, but although they were a nice discovery, they were not as good as the Chukar delicacies!

  44. Delicious all over the world! review by Judy K (Richland, WA) on 11/2/2013

    My son, who is in the army, had one request: send Chukar Cherries, especially those powdered pecans. And send enough for me to share with the other guys!

  45. A new found favorite review by Anne King (Cleveland, OH) on 10/31/2013

    I have liked the Cherry Bings for years, but it wasn't until a sample of the Chocolate Honey Pecans was offered at the Pike Place Market that I discovered these wonderful treats. This could easily be my new favorite!

  46. Should not be legal review by MJW (Olympia, WA) on 10/28/2013

    Seriously....they are addictive. One of those snacks you stay up all night dreaming about. Would most definitely recommend.

  47. Good Stuff review by SB (Cucaamonga, CA) on 10/26/2013

    You can't express the Greatness till you try for yourself!

  48. Delicious! review by Your Name (Your City, CA) on 9/30/2013

    They're are so good! I can't stop eating them. ;)

  49. Too good not to share review by Mary (Renton, WA) on 9/26/2013

    I took them to my office to share and I know this created new customers! So good

  50. Babe Goon review by Juan De Larry (Napa, CA) on 7/24/2013

    Best snack ever!!!!!!!!

  51. Absolutely love these review by Lisa (Floral Park, NY) on 7/21/2013


  52. Awesome review by Maritsa (anacortes, WA) on 6/27/2013

    These are always an awesome snack to have on a daily basis

  53. Unbelievably good! review by Kim (Fargo, ND) on 5/14/2013

    A friend at work introduced me to these. Love the crunch of the pecans enrobed in the perfect amount of chocolate.

  54. Amazing review by Your Name (Your City, AZ) on 5/7/2013

    To die for! These are so good.

  55. AWESOME!!!!! review by John Johnson (San Jose, CA, AL) on 4/18/2013

    We just went to Seattle, WA, where we were introduced to these awesome snacks!

  56. I love these! review by Christine (NYC, NY) on 3/14/2013

    I got these in a gift basket and they're so delicious that I'm here now, bookmarking where to find them for when I run out. If you like pecans in milk chocolate, you definitely want these.

  57. Honey Pecans are the best review by Your Name (Your City, MN) on 3/9/2013

    These are addicting and fabulous

  58. Delicious review by Laura (Iowa City, IA) on 2/26/2013

    OMG these are delicious. I ordered them online without having tried them before but there were just what I was hoping. The nuts are crunchy, not softened by the chocolate, and the honey flavor really comes through. They are rich so just a few can be a nice after dinner treat.

  59. Yum!! review by Josie (Baltimore, MD) on 2/17/2013

    Delicious!!! Arrived on the east coast fresh and well packaged. Company kept in touch during shipping process, and even sent several thank-you emails afterwards. A great company and GREAT Honey Pecans!

  60. Honey Pecans are Great review by Steve Bonvillion (Livingston, TX) on 1/22/2013

    Best I've ever had. Everyone that I have given them too Loves them - I put another order in yesterday (1/21/2013) along with other items. Thank You such a GREAT Product and Have a Great Day....

  61. Laurie review by Your Name (Your City, AL) on 1/4/2013

    Absolutely fabulous and so well wrapped for shipping. Thank you!

  62. Honey Pecans review by Kay (Pine Bluff, AR) on 12/4/2012

    These are the most delicious milk chocolate honey pecans I have ever had! The only problem can't eat just one!

  63. Irresistible review by Shiela (Bloomington, IN) on 11/29/2012

    The package says it all. These are truly irresistible.

  64. Delicious! review by Karen (Your City, ME) on 11/23/2012

    So incredibly good. They were supposed to accompany me on my flight across the country. I think they may have lasted 30 minutes into the flight.

  65. Little Pieces of Heaven!! review by Lisa (Austin, TX) on 11/23/2012

    We were in Seattle last September and tried these in Pike's Market. We loved them and bought several bags to bring home. I have placed 2 orders since then, as these are my new favorite candy/sweet! They are simply delicious!

  66. Awesome review by Carol (Manteno, IL) on 9/11/2012

    Combined reviews of gifts to children and grands were these were the best! Couldn't stop eating them. Incredible. Opened only twice before they were gone. Are you sending more?

  67. I'm addicted! review by Farah (Seattle, WA) on 9/10/2012

    I don't think I've ever had something more delicious.

  68. To die for pecans review by Stacy (Tampa Bay, FL) on 9/4/2012

    What a scrumptous treat. Our boss is on a long vacation and came across your products so I ordered a different variety of stuff to sample and the Choc honey pecans were the first to completely disappear....YUM!!!!!! My favorite thing to do with them was to just suck on them......melt in your mouth :-)

  69. Melt in your mouth! review by Marley (Your City, AL) on 8/17/2012

    While visiting family in Seattle I bought these at Pike's Market. They are very yummy! I wanted to go back and get more ,but I ran out of time. If you love peacans you will really love these.

  70. Searched and Found! review by Ingrid (Minneapolis, MN) on 7/26/2012

    Had these while visiting Seattle. Tried another brand recently and all we could say was, Remember those pecans we got in Seattle?!! A quick google and here they are! Can't wait to try them again.

  71. Excellent quality! review by Kristin A. (Kailua Kona, HI) on 6/8/2012

    Share with friends and family, but keep some for yourself! These are just the perfect blend of light, crispy carmelized pecans covered in chocolate, with a nice powdered sugar finish. Amaaaaaaaazing. Definitely my new favorite treat!

  72. Excellent quality! review by Kristin A. (Kailua Kona, HI) on 6/8/2012

    Share with friends and family, but keep some for yourself! These are just the perfect blend of light, crispy carmelized pecans covered in chocolate, with a nice powdered sugar finish. Amaaaaaaaazing. Definitely my new favorite treat!

  73. Wonderfully Delicious!! review by Tina (Snoqualmie, WA) on 6/2/2012

    I think we need a bigger bag!!!

  74. Sooooooo goood!!!! review by Anthony Nguyen (Portland, OR) on 5/24/2012

    I took one bite and it was like an angel touched me! Sooooooooooo YUUUUUMMMMMYYYYYY! ;)

  75. You will want more than one of these! review by Sherry (Lancaster, PA) on 5/22/2012

    I tried these wonderful chocolate covered honey pecans, and knew I made a mistake in not getting more than one bag of them.

  76. Absolutely fantastic! review by Meredith (Kansas City, MO) on 5/21/2012

    After falling in love with these pecans while visiting Seattle, I made sure to share the joy with my family back home - they are delicious and a huge hit for everyone! These are definitely on my list of potential gifts for friends and family!

  77. Fabulous review by Andrea (Marysville, WA) on 4/16/2012

    These are REALLY that Mmm-mmm good! They disappeared so fast from our candy dish! They are sweet and crunchy, and just a melt in your mouth heavenly treat! You want to make an impression on someone, these will do the trick!

  78. Wife Loved Them review by Your Name (Your City, VA) on 2/24/2012

    My wife loves these, we had them when we were visiting Seattle and now I get them for those special occasions. they are not overly sweet yet so very satisfying, the chocolate and pecan set off with the powdered sugar is really special

  79. Super Delicious review by Polly Shaw (Argyle, TX) on 2/19/2012

    These chocolate honey pecans are absolutely delicious. Big flavored pecans (and I know pecans my being from Texas) dipped in honey and wrapped in luscious milk chocolate. The dusting of powdered sugar is a great addition. Now my problem is holding down just how many I eat!

  80. A huge hit!!! review by Lisa (Seattle, WA) on 2/17/2012

    I gave these to my husband for Valentines Day so I have not tried them for myself, but he has made a point of telling me many times how delicious the Chocolate Honey Pecans are.

  81. Incredible! review by Cathy (Olympia, WA) on 2/15/2012

    If you were to buy nothing else from Chukar (and I definitely *don't* recommend that you do that!), then buy the Chocolate Honey Pecans! Now, I do not like honey, but these - Oh, be still my heart, what an incredible combination! They have just enough powdered sugar on the outside, the honey (which I don't normally like)is not overly-sweet, the milk chocolate absolutely superb and the secret pecan completes this heavenly treat. We never make it through a holiday season without placing a second order for these! Yes, they are *that* good! I can't recommend them highly enough.

  82. Glimpse of Heaven! review by Jim (Orange County, CA) on 1/9/2012

    These treats transport me to bliss! The powdered sugar coating is instant sweetness to whet your taste buds! Then the sooo delicious milk chocolate melts in your mouth, while you look forward to that little nugget of pecan goodness, and...surprise, it has a honey kicker to it! Wow, my eyes roll back every time I have a piece!

  83. Oh. My. Goodness. review by Ashley (Spokane, WA) on 1/4/2012

    I was just given these as part of a gift basket from someone I work with, and the pecans are TO DIE FOR! Everyone in my office says I'll just have one, but then they keep coming back!

  84. Best EVER review by Lindsay (Beverly Hills, MI) on 12/23/2011

    Tried these while visiting Seattle. Loved them so much that we actually make it a tradition to have them at Christmas every year! I give a bag to the masses but always keep one for myself! Best quality candy I've ever tasted!

  85. Jo-Anne review by Jo-Anne (Fort Wayne, IN) on 12/19/2011

    We had these several years ago when at Pike Place Market and I could not get the taste out of my mind! This was one of the first stops we made when we were back in Seattle this year. I ordered gifts for our friends and know they will appreciate the fantastic flavor just as we do.

  86. Best treat in the world! review by Phillip Pontnak (Charlotte, NC) on 12/11/2011

    I would go to the end of the earth for just one of these amazing Chocolate Honey Pecans! Although instinct will tell you to chew it once it is in your mouth, do yourself a huge flavor favor and let it dissolve slowly!!! Increases the enjoyment pleasure 100 fold!

  87. Chocolate Honey Pecans review by charley grossnicklaus (Your City, AL) on 11/9/2011

    My wife tried these while we were in seattle and we bought 4 bags to take home ...I left her bags of them in the vehical and they melted ... I have since ordered her more twice she love them but limits herself to 3 a day but she doesn't eat any other candy or chocolate .... they are by far her favorite sweet she has had

  88. BURSTING WITH FLAVOR INSIDE review by Albert Tovar (Your City, AL) on 11/7/2011

    I bought some of these last year when I was in Seattle and gave them away as gifts to friends. Some of them are reminding me to give the same gift this year. This product looks plain on the outside, but once you bite through the chocolate, the crunchiness of the pecan comes through along with the taste of the honey glaze. It's true: these don't last even a day around my house. Delicious.

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Nutrition Information

Serving Size: 3 tbsp (40g)
Servings/bag: About 5
Amount per serving:
Calories: 220
Calories from fat: 192
Total Fat: 15g (23%)
Saturated Fat: 6g (29%)
Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 6mg (2%)
Sodium: 16mg (<1%)
Total Carbohydrates: 21g (7%)
Fiber: 1g (4%)
Sugars: 16g
Protein: 3g
Vitamin A: 2%
Vitamin C: 0%
Calcium: 4%
Iron: 6%
*Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Ingredients Milk Chocolate (Sugar, Unsweetened Chocolate, Milk, Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Lecithin, Pure Vanilla), Roasted Pecans (Pecans, Sugar, Vegetable Oil (soy or sunflower), Honey), Powdered Sugar, Cocoa processed with potassium carbonate.
Allergen Caution Although Chukar's factory is free of many common allergens, allergen research is still changing. As such we do not recommend anyone with a food allergy consume this product. The ingredients list on each product contains all allergenic ingredients.
Product Care and Shelf Life Store in a cool, dry place. 12 months.

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